• You get what you pay for.. I am happy this came so efficiently and as a full set, I have worked with some pyle stuff before that was a similar way I got what I paid for.. The tweeters and hybrids work incredibly, the mids appear to over propel themselves and I just have a JVC 50 x 4 deck pushing them now this could be a direct result of the reality they are sans running air in my entryways of a 07 cobalt which I needed to bore and tap openings for the speakers to fit in light of the fact that everything about this cobalt has been a cerebral pain (that is another story) I have been quite recently running them off the hybrids that accompany the setup too so just midrange is coming through I surmise that the hybrid might be set a little high increase high bass tragically I can't change the hybrids which kinda sucks also.. Be that as it may, the tweets sound rich and full.. Cost is reasonable for the gear you get.

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